Das Konzept von DAL’ALU The DAL'ALU Concept

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The DAL'ALU Concept

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The originality of this concept lies in the technical process for fabricating aluminium guttering : Rollforming as a continuous process in a mobile workshop, directly onsite.

From a prelacquered aluminium coil, the machine progressively shapes onsite the profile of the gutter to the desired length, without welds or joints, in over 20 different colours.

Manufactured as a continuous process, the lacquered aluminium gutter is then cut to the exact construction length: if that is 15 m, the gutter will be 15 m long.

Every DAL’ALU certified contractor is equipped with specially fitted out mobile workshops, and offers the entire range of DAL'ALU products to perfectly fit the style and environment of any region:

  • gutters for draining and collecting rainwater
  • trim for prominent roof features
  • roofing: tiles, scallops and standing seam spans
  • insulating hinged shutters