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Aluminium Gutters

Lacquered aluminium rainwater collection systems

Whatever the type of new construction or renovation you need to fit out, there is a DAL’ALU aluminium gutter to suit your needs for rainwater capture.

DAL’ALU offers shapes, DAL’ALU offers colours!

A range of finishing accessories allows you to complement your installation in a wide selection of rich and original colours.


DAL’ALU aluminium gutters offer many advantages:

  • Aesthetics:
    DAL'ALU aluminium gutters
    come in cornice, half-round, trapezoid, and regional shapes. They connect to smooth or ribbed, rectangular or round downpipes with no visible fastening.
  • Unalterable:
    Natural aluminium is an invariable, stable, durable and recyclable material. All DAL’ALU components are made of prelacquered primary aluminium.
    Prelacquering can withstand profiling because it is done before the material is shaped. The special qualities of prelacquered aluminium enable it to withstand mechanical constraints and exposure to any weather.
  • Waterproof:
    The DAL’ALU range of aluminium gutters are fabricated by a continuous process onsite from a mobile workshop and therefore have no joins or welds.
  • Strong:
    The rollformin technique used for DAL’ALU aluminium gutters and downpipes gives to the metal an incredible mechanical strength.
  • Economic:
    Thanks to an optimal installation technique and the use of an invariable material, DAL’ALU aluminium gutters are good values.

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